A Luxury Cruise Aboard the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship

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Anyone who’s discovered the joy of the cruising life knows that there are ships and then there are ships. So a documentary about the world’s most expensive passenger ship would make anyone sit up and take notice, let alone someone with a vested interest.

At Jetline we’re proud to work with the UK’s best lines to create our bespoke luxury cruise packages, including Regent Seven Seas, whose superb vessel the Seven Seas Explorer is the subject of the documentary “Secrets of the World’s Most Expensive Cruise Ship”.

Life On Board the World’s Most Expensive Ship

The four-part documentary, which takes viewers on board the magnificent vessel, is designed to show those not in the know just what life is like on a daily basis for the lucky passengers who get to experience Regent’s legendary hospitality. If you’re planning a luxury cruise in the future, you really should do yourself a favour and sit down and watch the documentary before you go making any decisions. However, our short review will give you an idea of what to expect.

Something to Shout About

The documentary gives viewers an amazing behind-the-scenes look around this very impressive vessel. Even if you’re a seasoned luxury cruise aficionado, you’ll be able to get an unprecedented insight into the incredible amount of skill, detail and manpower that goes into making the experience what it is. And if you’ve never been lucky enough to get out on to the high seas on a massive liner (yet), hold on tight, because you’re about to go on the virtual luxury trip of a lifetime!

It’s All in the Details…

The documentary covers all the details of the ship Regent launched in 2016 with a huge (and deserved) amount of fanfare, claiming it as the ‘most luxurious ship ever built’. But the ship’s service goes beyond its luxury accouterments to include the impeccable personalised hospitality from its attentive and highly trained staff.

Viewers are introduced to Cruise Director, John Barron, who’s responsible for the passengers’ every happiness and satisfaction – and on a ship where suites can cost up to £8,000 a night, it’s a big job!

The documentary also focuses on the domains of the Senior Executive Chef and the Food and Beverage Director, to show just how much time and effort goes into the preparation of the gourmet cuisine served up on a daily basis for 750 discerning guests. 


The Star of the Show

One of the most popular themes of the documentary is the stunning 4,500 square-foot Regent Suite. For the first time, the general public will get to see the over-the-top opulence, where things like a bespoke £120,000 bed, a Steinway grand piano, rare artworks, personal butlers and unlimited indulgent spa treatments (in-suite) are a reality.  

Ultra Luxury Revealed

The documentary camera crew and producers were given access to every nook and cranny of the ship for an authentic ‘insider’ look at life on the Seven Seas Explorer. Regent Seven Sea’s Manager Director Graham Sadler said the company was proud to be able to show the hard work and professionalism that goes into their acclaimed service.


Experience the Seven Seas Explorer with Jetline

You’ve seen the movie now experience the luxury cruise for yourself! Jetline is proud to offer some bespoke packages that include travel aboard the magnificent Regent Seven Seas Explorer.

Enjoy a stay in Miami and then explore the stunning far reaches of the Caribbean on our 13-night Coral Gables, Coral Sands & Coral Seas package. You’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits (and kudos) of travelling on the world’s most luxurious ship without the massive price tag you might expect.

You’ll be treated like royalty from beginning to end, with two nights in beautiful Miami to set the scene for your onboard experience. The package includes premium drinks, free WiFi and a vast choice of free shore excursions. You’ll sail the Caribbean with the full resources of the fabulous Explorer at your disposal, visiting places like Grand Cayman, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, before returning to Miami. This fabulous luxury cruise package really is your opportunity to enjoy one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

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