Canadian Rocky Mountaineer Experience

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Of all of the ways to experience the Canadian Rocky Mountains and their inspirational scenery, none can come close to the convenience and lavish comfort of travelling on this once in a lifetime Rocky Mountaineer Tour.  

I experienced the vibrant and bustling streets of Calgary as well as the serenity and majesty of Lake Louise, before continuing on to the rural tranquillity of Banff and cosy Jasper and finally travelling aboard one of the most famous and awe inspiring train journeys anywhere on Earth.

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From the moment I arrived in Canada I felt the pace of life slow and became surrounded by the warmth of the world renowned Canadian hospitality.

The Trip

The trip began in the beautiful city of Calgary and a visit to the Calgary tower for an amazing view of this exciting city.

The next morning we were met by our world class guide who soon had us whisked away to the stunning scenery that is the Canadian Rockies.

On our coach trip we were treated to an outstanding commentary on our surroundings and their history from the knowledgeable and often witty guide, making the journey both educational and highly entertaining.

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I was surprised just how much of the information I retained from my trip and I believe that was down to expert way the facts were given and the fun we were all having travelling from sight to sight and town to town.

On the road portion of our journey we saw some of the most remote and scenic parts of the Rockies, not to mention being guided to the best spots for us to capture a glimpse of the extensive wildlife that inhabit the mountains.

Native to the region are Bears, Elk, Moose, Wolves and Eagles to name but a few of the striking range of animals we spotted. We were all on tenterhooks, never knowing what was around the next bend in the road.

We all agreed that one of the highlights of our trip was a night at the renowned Fairmont Lake Louise, a hotel which is deservedly on many a list of the most beautiful hotels in the world.  Its elaborate architecture made me feel as if I had entered a bygone age.

Fairmont Lake Louise hotel

I have to say of all the places I have ever been none have ever impressed me as much as Banff which I found to be the most idyllic town I have visited. 

The beauty of being surrounded by the snow covered peaks of the mountain ranges made me instantly envious of the people who get to live there and goes a long way to explaining their infectious happiness.

 Another highlight of the trip was the welcoming town of Jasper with its traditional bars, restaurants and coffee houses.  After our stay in Jasper we left the road far behind as the famous Rocky Mountaineer train carried our group further in to the untouched wilderness of the Canadian landscape in amazing style and comfort.

Once onboard the panoramic view opened up before us through the glass domed carriage windows which afforded a view of the Rockies which I will never forget. 

Rocky Mountaineer train

All while being served the finest food and drink available by the wonderful, hospitable hosts. The hosts onboard kept us all informed of all the sights we would see, the history that goes along with it, the wildlife to keep our eyes peeled for as well as keeping our plates and glasses full.

An experience you will never forget

Its hard to imagine anywhere in the World ever being able to top the scenery of Canada, even after spending a week crossing the county I still couldn’t resist taking every opportunity I could just to stand and stare at the beauty that constantly surrounded us: once you have experienced the beauty of Canada it’s a place you will never forget.

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