Discover Magical Milford Sound and the Fjords of New Zealand

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The pristine beauty of New Zealand’s Milford Sound is one of those heart-wrenching natural attractions that genuinely does take your breath away. The dramatic scenery of the Fjordland National Park, in which it’s located, is some of the most spectacular in the country, if not the world.

We’ve created a range of luxury cruise itineraries that take in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand, including visiting the magical Milford Sound. Here’s a taste of what you’ll see on a luxury cruise through this stunning part of the world.

Fjordland National Park

The UNESCO protected landscape of the remote Fjordland National Park is dominated by majestic mountain peaks, sliced-off cliffs and tumbling glacial waterfalls. There’s absolutely no better way to immerse in its full splendour than on a luxury cruise, where you’ll be able to relax, be pampered and experience a true visual beauty overload.

Milford Sound

Created by centuries of glaciers carving their way through the rocks, Milford Sound is set at the northernmost end of the National Park, closest to the Tasman Sea. Along its approximately 16 kilometres, the landscape comprises steep rocky cliffs rising on either side, scarred by the glacial routes and deep valleys in between. There’s a lot to take in, so hold on to your bottom jaw…

The unmistakable silhouette of Mitre Peak soars to 1,692 metres, and at the summit this dramatic mountain actually comprises five separate peaks. While it takes the prize as the most impressive (and tallest), there are several others to look out for – including The Lion and The Elephant. (Hint: you won’t miss them if you look for their namesakes.)

Some of the countless waterfalls that are a defining feature of the geography here drop for up to a thousand metres. While many of them are far more visible after periods of rain (this is one time you might actually welcome bad weather on holiday!) some, like Lady Bowen and Stirling Falls, are an astounding vision in all weather conditions.

Doubtful Sound

This is one of the largest fjords in the National Park, but because it’s only accessible by water it’s not quite as visited as Milford – although it’s by no means any less beautiful. Featuring three separate arms, it’s also one of the deepest, at 421 metres. At its mouth there are multiple small islets, which are home to a plethora of wildlife including crested penguins and fur seals, and around here is also a particularly good place for whale and dolphin watching. Often referred to as the ‘Sound of Silence’, Doubtful has an ambience of exceptional serenity and seclusion, making for what feels like a truly privileged experience.

Dusky Sound

This feels like the most remote of all the fjords, and the long, narrow passage is literally untouched by any signs of human activity. It is, however, an absolute sanctuary of nature (it is designated as an important bird area) and there’s plenty of wildlife to be seen in the pristine habitat. The fjord is punctuated by a host of islands, some of them quite large, including Resolution, Anchor, Long and Cooper Islands, where there are multiple dramatic waterfalls to be seen – particularly in the rainy season. The splendid isolation of this magnificent landscape is can be captured in the most magical way from the deck of a luxury cruise vessel. Close your eyes, breathe in the invigorating air and you could almost be alone…