Step Back to the Romance of the Golden Era on Transatlantic Cruises

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For anyone intrigued by the old-fashioned romance of ocean travel, embarking on transatlantic luxury cruises on the Cunard’s iconic Queen Mary 2 vessel is the closest you’ll get to time travelling back to the golden age of cruising. More and more people are looking to this kind of experience to relive the glamour, adventure and excitement of a time that captivated so many imaginations.

The golden era of ocean travel had a huge cultural influence on everything in our modern world, including fashion, architecture and even the way we spend our leisure time. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back and experience the lifestyle and service of such glamorous times? Well you can – with Jetline’s transatlantic packages.

Relive the Golden Era of Transatlantic Ocean Travel

With our wonderful transatlantic luxury cruises packages, Jetline gives you the opportunity to recreate the magic of an experience that has it all: luxury, glamour, adventure and the thrill of visiting the iconic destination of New York, to enjoy fine dining, sightseeing and the chance to shop ‘til you drop.

The Experience

The golden age of transatlantic cruising popularised the well-worn route between Liverpool or Southampton and NY. No opulence was spared to provide the ultimate luxury cruises to discerning passengers aboard some truly magnificent liners (including the original Queen Mary), with the rich and famous enjoying facilities like beauty parlours, swimming pools and even specialised pet care (hello Liz Taylor’s pampered pooches). When it came to dining, it was tuxes and ball gowns all the way, and dressing for dinner meant a far different thing than the shorts and flip-flops of today.

Luxury cruises aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 hark back to the old days, steeping you in the refined traditions of ocean going travel and immersing you in the elegance and old world grandeur of this stately vessel. As you take in the top-class hospitality and amenities of one of the finest ocean liners in the world, you’ll be treated to social occasions like the captain’s cocktail party, themed balls and high tea. You’ll also enjoy the legendary White Star Service from Cunard’s attentive staff. And this is one time when it’s impossible to overdress, because come dinner, it’s time to get out your best attire, channel the old-fashioned movie stars and dress to impress.

Recommended Luxury Cruises

Jetline’s superb holiday packages aboard Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 bring back the romance and glamour of the golden age into vivid focus, with the opportunity to step back in time and relive the fine old traditions of the sea, combined with a very modern sightseeing and shopping experience in the Big Apple. It’s a match made in heaven – or at least on the high seas.   

Classic Cunard New York Shopping

The fly-cruise option is one of the most popular holiday packages Jetline offers on the transatlantic route. On the Classic Cunard New York Shopping package you can choose to fly to NY then cruise slowly eastbound back to Southampton, or depart on board the Queen Mary 2 from Southampton and fly back home from NY at the end of the experience. This 11-night package includes seven or eight nights at sea and three fabulous nights in the Big Apple.

Round Trip New York – No Flying

The Round Trip New York No Flying itinerary is a 14-night package with, not surprisingly, no flying involved. It sees you come aboard the Queen Mary 2 at Southampton to set off into the wind for seven glorious days at sea, disembarking in the Big Apple for a free day to explore as you wish. You’ll then reboard for the return trip to Southampton.