The 5 Best Mediterranean Cruises in 2019

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Mediterranean cruises most definitely fall into the category of ‘bucket list’ experiences for many people. All you have to do is close your eyes to imagine the possibilities as you explore some of the most iconic destinations in the world, against a sublime backdrop of indigo oceans and vast china-blue skies.

But there’s no need to just daydream about it! Because with Jetline’s range of magical Mediterranean cruises the memories are yours for the making. We can take you everywhere from the tranquil shores of Lake Garda in Italy to the storied streets of Rome, the ancient streets of Dubrovnik and the sun-kissed panorama of the Greek Islands - and all ports in between. Open your eyes…

Five of the Best for 2019

We may be biased, but at Jetline we think there’s no better way to experience the breath-taking scenery and culture of southern Europe than by cruising. With a range of superb itineraries from which to choose, you can relax and enjoy the life of luxury on board your vessel, then explore the delights of a host of amazing destinations at leisure while you’re in port. No matter what your dream, one of Jetline’s stunning Mediterranean cruises is bound to make it come true.

Lake Garda, Venice, and the Greek Isles

You might wonder how it’s possible to combine so much beauty into 11 days, but this amazing Lake Garda, Venice and the Greek Isles itinerary on the Norwegian Star hits the high notes from the very first moment. You’ll enjoy three wonderful days and nights drinking in the divinity of the scenery and attractions of the Lake Garda, and then board a First Class train to Venice for an overnight stay. Believe us when we say that after a taste of local Venetian life you’ll never forget the experience of cruising up the Grand Canal as you head out towards Greece amidst a flotilla of smaller vessels.

The second half of the cruise sees you island hopping, docking in Mykonos, Corfu and Santorini, so you can lap up the culture, history and the cuisine (oh, the food!) of these breath-taking places. Then it’s on to Dubrovnik and back to Venice. Pure perfection!

Sorrento Stay and the Greek Isles

A rhapsodic holiday by name and nature, this fabulous 10-day itinerary takes in a laidback stay in Sorrento and then a cruise through the Greek Isles on the Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas.

You’ll spend three wonderful days discovering the glorious lifestyle of Sorrento, strolling along the waterfront, dining overlooking the Bay of Naples and lapping up the history and architecture of this charming town. You’ll then take the train through the picturesque Italian landscape to join your vessel to cruise off through the Greek Islands, with multiple island stops including Mykonos and Santorini. On land and on the ocean, this offers the best of both worlds.

Maiden Med Enchantment

This 10-night itinerary on the brand-new Enchanted Princess (Princess Cruises) is one of Jetline’s most anticipated Mediterranean cruises. Departing from Rome, you’ll enjoy the shiny new luxury of this expansive vessel as you visit the cultural Italian gems of Florence and Pisa. Then it’s on to France, where you’ll disembark to savour the delights (aka the wine, food, landscape, history, culture…) of the legendary Provence region. And if you think that’s already the perfect itinerary, add in Barcelona, Gibraltar, and Lisbon and the dream becomes real. You’ll arrive in Southampton with a full heart and a head full of memories…

The Eternal City and Mediterranean Cruise

With two days to explore Rome before embarking on a ‘Pinnacle Class’ cruise on Holland America’s opulent Koningsdam vessel, this itinerary places an elegant tick in every box. You’ll have plenty of time to really get to know the wonders of the Eternal City, including the Vatican, the Colosseum and the famous Trevi Fountain (no need to throw in a coin because we bring you back to Rome at the end of the cruise!). This is one of the most luxurious of our Mediterranean cruises, and you’ll enjoy the impeccable service and amenities as you visit such places as Gibraltar, Barcelona, Provence, Monte Carlo, Florence, Pisa and more…

A Tale of Two Cities – Modern Luxury Med

Tempted by all that talk of luxury? We’ve got you covered on this incredible experience onboard Celebrity’s fabulous contemporary Infinity vessel. You’ll have 11 days to not only enjoy two of Italy’s most iconic destinations, Rome and Venice but also a wealth of other fantastic places in between, including Sicily, Kefalonia, Malta, and Dubrovnik. Want more? If you book yourself an Oceanview Stateroom (or above), you’ll get a complimentary drinks package included. Now that’s the true language of luxury…

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