Top 10 things to do in the Pacific North West Coast

Things to do in the Pacific NorthWest Coast, Seattle,

Our Top 10 Things to do in The Pacific Northwest

When planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest, Seattle must be, without a doubt, at the top of your list. Being a seaport city, Seattle brings in thousands of tourists not only by plane, but by cruise as well, making it a hot spot for tourist activities. However, it would almost seem crazy not to take advantage of the fact that the city is closely connected to Canada and other beautiful surrounding areas. We came to discover this first hand when we crossed the pond to visit Tourism Seattle and Tourism Victoria on a two-nation trip of a lifetime. We’ve picked our top 10 things to see and do when visiting Seattle and the Pacific Northwest!

Pike Place Market, Seattle

Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s downtown, and best to visit on an empty stomach, Pike Place Market is a must-see when visiting the city. Tourists flood to the market to see the hundreds of farmers and craftsmen, and to join food tours and tastings. On the Savour Seattle tour, you can explore behind-the-scenes of the market’s sites, flavours and history; visit the first ever Starbucks store; watch cheese being churned; watch fish fly; sample some of the best food at the market; and generally, soak up the atmosphere.

What we came to discover on our food tour with Savour Seattle is that Pike Place Market is much more than just a farmer’s market. It is a beloved community, with the residents at the heart of it all.

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Space Needle, Seattle

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Seattle skyline and wondered what that tall, funny looking thing is, then that is the iconic Space Needle! On our recent trip to the city, the Seattleites couldn’t help but tell us at every opportunity about the Space Needles recent ‘space lift’. We must say, it’s the best space lift we’ve ever seen, but if you have a fear of heights then you may disagree! The Space Needle has truly taken viewing the city to the next level, with a new rotating glass floor, so your views are now limitless!


Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle.

Just opposite the Space Needle you will find the Museum of Pop Culture, more commonly known as MoPOP! This leading-edge non-profit museum uses interactive technology to make visitors time at the museum even more engaging! This really is a fun and memorable experience for people of all ages. From horror movie memorabilia to indie gaming, and of course, a whole room dedicated to Seattle-born Jimi Hendrix, the MoPOP has it all!

On our visit to MoPOP we were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the extremely popular Marvel exhibition that was only around of limited time. Many people had travelled to the museum especially for Marvel, and we could see why! If you’re visiting Seattle, make sure you check out what exhibitions are on and grab your tickets early!

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