Unique Far East Cruise Packages

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Cruises are an amazing way to discover unique and distant lands via the sea and here at Jetline we offer some exciting cruise packages. Some of our favourites include excursions that we think are once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

It’s no secret that being out on the open ocean is in itself an experience of a lifetime – but what if you could combine that with the chance to truly immerse yourself in another culture? Join us as we explore some of the Far East in a way that’s unlike any cruise you’ve ever boarded before.

We’re here to offer you the perfect mixture of exploration on dry land and relaxation at sea.

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Recommended Cruise Packages

Sri Lankan Elephant Experience

Sri Lankan Elephant Experience & Far East

Our Sri Lankan cruise, which ranges from 18 to 22 nights depending on which of our cruise packages you choose, is an incredible introduction to this South Asian country. You’ll be able to find your sea legs (we spend 10-14 nights aboard our ship Sapphire Princess) while also having ample opportunities to go ashore and plunge into this fascinating island nation, as well the chance to immerse yourself in neighbouring countries including Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and more.