Asia & Indian Ocean Cruises

A cruise to Asia and the Indian Ocean is rich and diverse in culture, landscape and experiences. Cruises offer a fantastic way to explore a number of countries in the area on a single trip, with the chance to rest on board and enjoy beautiful sea views between ports.


Asia and Indian Ocean cruises can incorporate a number of countries, giving visitors the opportunity to explore a variety of sights and cultures. Countries that may be visited when cruising Asia include China, offering a wealth of historic attractions such as temples, palaces and the famous Great Wall of China, as well as the most modern of attractions in China’s major cities, which offer the best of the old and the new. Other countries to visit on excursions when cruising Asia and the Indian Ocean include Vietnam and Thailand, rich in cultural attractions as well as beautiful white sandy beaches and local restaurants serving fantastic local cuisine.


During the Indian Ocean leg of the cruise, tourists are transported to another world, with a variety of tropical island paradises to explore at every turn. Between visiting the many wonderful islands across the Indian Ocean, passengers can relax on the deck of the ship, feeling the warmth of the tropical breeze and watching one of the most beautiful parts of the world drift by. Madagascar is a popular destination on an Asia and the Indian Ocean cruise and is a haven for lovers of nature, offering the chance to glimpse a diverse range of plant life and a variety of rare animal species. Other Madagascan attractions include the Nosy Be Museum in the old town, providing a fascinating insight into the lives of people from local tribes. Further cultural attractions can be found on a shore excursion to Sri Lanka, including spectacular architecture in Buddhist temples, the ruins of ancient cities and museums that help visitors to discover more about the country’s rich history.


Those looking for powdery white beaches and clear blue waters that stretch for as far as the eye can see will find plenty of idyllic islands to visit as their cruise ship glides across the Indian Ocean. Seychelles are blessed with beautiful beaches as well as lush tropical gardens and botanical gardens featuring palm trees, banana trees and a variety of other beautiful plants. The crystal clear water off the coast of these islands also provides some excellent snorkeling opportunities to explore the natural beauty that also lies below the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are another group of islands on the Indian Ocean that offer fantastic beaches to relax on and forget about the busy modern life that has been left behind at home. There are also some great diving opportunities to discover some of the colourful tropical fish and corals that can be found just off the coast of the Maldives.

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