India Cruises

With the sights, sounds and smells of over a billion people going about their daily lives, a cruise to India is an overwhelming yet humbling experience.

Women in bright saris shop amongst the chaos of the humming markets, and the smells of a thousand spices drift into the air. It’s fair to say that in India, everything is just a little more intense.

 From the blissful beaches of the south to the jagged Himalayan Mountains in the north, India is as diverse as it is fascinating. It's a country where you can explore the palaces of ancient kingdoms and the chaotic vibrancy of fast-developing cities all in one day.

India is a country of the wildest juxtapositions, which will leave its mark on anyone who steps on its shores.

On your India cruise, explore the huge and seemingly chaotic city of Mumbai, the layers of history at Cochin and the laid back vibe on the beaches of Goa.

In Mumbai, modern skyscrapers overlook traditional markets and the city pulsates with energy. Throw yourself into the atmosphere and soak up the chatter, the culture and of course, the cuisine – time to try Britain’s adopted national dish for real!

In Cochin, where centuries of history bear witness to ancient settlements, Portuguese occupation and the days of the Raj, take refuge in ancient religious temples and feel the calm envelope you.

A restful peace can also be found on the warm, sandy beaches of Goa, with the Arabian Sea lapping at your feet. Here you can relax and reflect on what a stunning country India is.


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Indian Ocean & Golden Triangle Tour

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The Indian Ocean Collection

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