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Everything about Azamara Club Cruises – from their ships to the ports of call they visit - is designed to ensure that their guests will enjoy the trip of a lifetime. 


Whilst many of the cruise lines featured by Jetline Cruise boast massive vessels which transport thousands of people around the world and seem to resemble floating towns, Azamara’s ships are proof of the maxim ‘good things come in small packages’. The line’s perfectly formed fleet (comprising just two 686-guest capacity ships, the Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest) prides itself on the benefits afforded by its size – namely, first-class passenger service and unparalleled destination experiences.


The Azamara Club Cruises crew specialises in providing a friendly, professional and, above all, personal service to each one of their guests. This is firstly made possible by the enviable staff-to-crew ratio of two such intimate ships, but can only be delivered by people who love what they do – whether that’s preparing gourmet food, putting on fantastic entertainment or simply welcoming you back on board with a glass of wine and a smile.


The dining awaiting those who take advantage of any Azamara cruise deals are as impressive as you would expect from a line which always exudes an air of luxury. From casual cafes to elegant specialty restaurants, you will always find something that hits the spot, whatever the time of day. One of the highlights of eating with Azamara is the chance it gives you to discover the cuisine of the destinations you will be visiting – all from the comfort and opulence of your ship; ‘Destination Immersion’ is at the heart of Azamara Club Cruises’ philosophy and, with the help of their talented chefs, your taste buds will be treated to just as many new and exciting experiences as your eyes and ears.


Azamara Club Cruises’ passengers are among the world’s most discerning and this is reflected by the quality of the on board activities available on every cruise. A fascinating range of enrichment programmes offers guests the chance to learn more about any number of interesting subjects through a host of seminars, lectures, wine tastings, cookery demonstrations, and even computer classes. Of course, if you would rather simply spend your time relaxing, you will also be very well catered for – cabarets, interactive game shows, and an art auction are just a few examples of the incredibly diverse selection of entertainment options that will be at your fingertips once you embark.


Finally, it’s important to note that Azamara Club Cruises are perfect for people who don’t just want to visit their destination of choice but wish to truly experience it. Azamara specialises in offering their guests memorable and unique on-shore excursions in some of the world’s most fascinating places. Once again, it is their ships’ size which facilitates this, with the smaller vessels able to navigate many waterways which larger commercial liners simply cannot reach. Whether you choose a country-intensive voyage that allows you to spend a fortnight or more exploring every corner of nations like Australia and Costa Rica or a Caribbean cruise which invites you to discover a handful of islands in just a week, you will arrive back at home with a sense that you have most definitely broadened your horizons. Frequent overnight stays at Azamara’s ports of call encourage passengers to really get to know the places they visit to an extent that few other lines can match.



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