Taking you direct from one major European city centre to another, Eurostar puts the ease, convenience and sheer pleasure back into travelling.

On Eurostar you’ll enjoy excellent service and regular, reliable trains. With no long check-ins or tedious airport transfers, Eurostar can prove faster than flying – plus you get to see where you’re going as you travel.

You can leave from London St Pancras or Ebbsfleet International in Kent to travel directly to: Paris, Lille, Brussels, Calais, Disneyland® Resort Paris, Avignon & The French Alps.

Standard Class

Standard Class tickets are the lowest cost Eurostar tickets there are. For the very best value Eurostar deals, book as far in advance as possible.

Fast, reliable and easy, Eurostar Standard Class guarantees you a comfortable, reserved seat in an air-conditioned carriage. Check in just 30 minutes before you travel, keep your luggage with you and settle down to enjoy your journey in spacious surroundings.

With Standard Class you can:
* beat the airport queues with fast check-ins
* stretch out - Standard Eurostar seating offers plenty of leg room
* enjoy a choice of hot and cold food from the buffet car
* sit by the window, by the aisle, in a pair or as a little group - with Eurostar Standard Class you can choose the type of seat

Standard Premier

With a Standard Premier Eurostar ticket you can enjoy all the luxury and indulgence of first-class travel.

You'll be in a special air-conditioned Leisure Select carriage - so you can relax, unwind and enjoy wining and dining without worrying about disturbing business travellers.

And remember - to get the best Eurostar deals, book as far in advance as possible.

Choose Eurostar Standard Premier and you can:
* beat the airport queues - check-in time is just 30 minutes
* stretch out in big, comfortable, reclining seats
* tuck into a light meal served at your seat by one of Eurostar's bilingual staff
* enjoy free magazines
* plug your laptop or mobile into the power sockets at your seat

What's on the menu?

Enjoy a tasty light meal when you travel with Standard Premier.

Breakfast: continental breakfast, served with fruit juice and tea or coffee.

Lunch/Dinner: enjoy a tasty light meal with 3 savoury dishes. Served with a choice of wine, beer or a soft drink, plus tea or coffee.


Eurostar Packages

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