Viva Las Imagination


If you could design your dream vacation, what would it look like? A little sun, a little sea… but a lot of fun, right? On Carnival Imagination, this is your reality. A ship designed to pay tribute to fantasy and ancient legends, its décor provides a timeless backdrop for modern-day cruise ship delight.


But the legendary fun aboard this ship is more than surface-deep… it’s also remarkably up-to-date.


Among the vintage Carnival selection of bustling bars, laid-back lounges and cool-to-the-core clubs, you’ll find the some of the latest hotspots from across our fleet. Modern open-air legends RedFrog Rum Bar and BlueIguana Tequila Bar, for instance, have come to claim their place in history, as has Alchemy Bar with its borderline-magical cocktails and Guy’s Burger Joint with its renowned eats designed by Guy Fieri. And BlueIguana Cantina with tacos and burritos made the classic way, of course: fresh and by hand.


Then, just for the kids, we’ve got whole bunches of awesome stuff to do, all across the ship.


There are age-appropriate chill spaces like Camp Ocean, Circle “C” and Club O2… plus the splashes-definitely-allowed of Carnival WaterWorks. (Actually, kids and adults alike are encouraged to make the most of this waterful thrill space.)


Bring the family together...


With the time-honored tradition of food and fun, and there’s plenty of that to go around on Carnival Imagination. Oh, also: mini-golf. You can never play too many rounds of mini-golf, especially at sea.



2 Nights Las Vegas Stay

2 Nights Los Angeles Stay

3 Night Full Board Cruise


Day 1

Fly to Las Vegas for a 2 Nights Stay

Day 2

Day at Leisure

Day 3

Fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Day 4

Day at Leisure

Day 5

Embark on to the Carnival Imagination

Day 6

Day at sea

Day 7


Day 8

Disembark Ship in Los Angeles, Fly Back to London